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Corporate Meditation


Many factors can harm the proper functioning of a company and the health of its employees and collaborators such as: burnout, financial market pressure, stress, toxic atmosphere within a team, low productivity and absenteeism.


Do you want to create a healthy work environment and favor both the physical and psychological well-being of your employees?


In order to prevent stress at your work place, I offer on-site individual and group meditation courses. The courses last sixty minutes and the meditation sessions can be tailored to a particular need.


Meditation is the key to remain efficient in the long term.


Through meditation, the participants can relax, learn how to concentrate, stay focused, and gain clarity of mind. Meditation can help you achieve a better:


  1. capacity to relax

  2. self-awareness

  3. concentration

  4. ability to focus

  5. stress management

  6. productivity

  7. team cohesion

  8. creativity

  9. ability to follow your intuition

 Meditation is a process that offers many opportunities; however in order to achieve concrete results, regular practice is essential.

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