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Reiki Healing


Mind, Body & Intuition is located in Geneva, in the district of the Cornavin train station. We welcome you to discover the benefits of Reiki.

This therapeutic method is administered by laying hands over different parts of the body, and helps to channel Universal energy*.


Reiki works on the mind, body and soul. It harmonises streams of energy and stimulates the natural mechanisms of self-healing.


Reiki is especially recommended for:


  1. sleeping troubles

  2. anxiety

  3. stress

  4. lack of self-confidence

  5. depression

  6. concentration issues

There are no contraindications and the treatment is complementary to other forms of care. Various hospitals and clinics, particularly in the United States, use Reiki as a complementary therapy.


A Reiki session lasts about 60 minutes and the patient should preferably be dressed in comfortable clothes.

*Universal energy is the source of all other forms of energy (kinetic, chemical, potential energy, etc.). It pervades the entire space.


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